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To Feel Alive Ch 9 It's A Date!
Ryuk Light flirty

A/N: This is a Death Note fanfic. I don't own Death Note.


Light looked on incredulously as the streets of a ridiculously stereotyped version of Tokyo whipped by outside his window. He was momentarily distracted by the image of the great golden dragon bobbing up and down within the median strip. Light determined this to be the cause of his error—he knew even as it happened that he had taken the turn too fast but now he couldn’t decelerate. He could only watch hopelessly as the cement wall raced towards him. Light’s car exploded in a massive fireball and the sounds of sad booping 8-bit music filled the air as the screen flashed the words: Game Over. You’ve lost.

Light glared angrily at the screen as Ryuk cheered and rocketed past him and over the finish line.

Game Over.

Do you want to play again?


Light hung his head in defeat as he looked on at the twisted metal carnage that remained of his racing car—this (along with the fact it was faster to walk and take the train) was part of the reason Light wasn’t eager to get his driver’s license any time soon.

“I win again!” Ryuk crowed beside him.

Well, at someone was having a good time.

Towards the back of the arcade there were several games that were enclosed in plastic capsules—most in the shape of booths or racing cars—for a more complete virtual gaming experience. That meant that Ryuk could be his Player 2 and no one would be the wiser. It was dark inside but for the too-bright glow of the screens and Ryuk which somehow caught and reflected the light an eerie bleeding crimson.  

“Good game, huh?”asked the death god next to him.

Light was actually quite proud of himself—he hadn’t punched a hole in the screen yet. Unlike that one incident when he was around six years old and needed to get stitches afterwards and no one ever talked about and never happened.

Yes, Light was well-aware he could be a sore loser but he did his utmost to be polite about it most of the time.

“Yeah, good game,” Light said, clenched teeth hidden behind a beaming smile.

Do you want to play again?


Light fed the machine two more tokens.

He’d get him next time for sure!


“I’m not sure if I liked it,” the boy sniffed with a dignified air as he sat in the Shinigami’s lap inside the fake plastic racing car. He was only sitting in Ryuk’s lap because the Shinigami, over-excited over his latest win, had dragged a very ruffled and irritated Light into his lap to hug him again. Light hadn’t yet extracted himself from the monster’s hold only because it would be too much of a hassle. Not because he enjoyed it. Not at all. “I mean it was pretty noisy… not to mention childish.”

“You had fun.” Ryuk observed, amused by the teenager’s huffy response. The Shinigami gave a rattling chuckle when Light crossed his arms and pouted most childishly. “You know what I think? I think you like childish things even though you pretend not to. You pretend not to because no one would take you seriously if you acted like a kid, right?”

“Just when did you get so perceptive?” the teen shot back in obvious irritation but he didn’t deny it.

Light had never been a normal boy. He was gifted. Somehow his parents and teachers equated that to “should always be studying.” Not that those stupid children’s games he was denied were very much fun for him anyway. This time was just an… aberration—more to do with his surprise and amusement at his Shinigami’s skill at sports and racing games than his actually having fun himself, he was sure.

Light briefly startled at the feeling of Ryuk’s talons trailing softly up and down his back, petting him again. “I’m not about to judge you for having fun, Light. After all, I’m here to have fun too.”

The teen’s brooding over having lost at video games to a creature whose comprehension of human technology was still catching up from the feudal era gave an embarrassingly girly shriek at the sudden sensation of Ryuk’s cold talons gently rubbing under his shirt, against his stomach.

“What… what the hell are you doing?!” Light somehow managed to choke out between shrieks and giggles.

The Shinigami quirked one of his barely existent eyebrow. “Tickling you,” Ryuki stated, his gravelly voice laced with mirth, “I thought that should be obvious.”

“Well… stop it!” Light snapped, laughing so hard he was in tears. His back slammed against the far wall in his attempts to escape his tormentor.

They must have made quite a ruckus.

“What are you kids doing…?!” demanded one of the arcade’s staff members as he threw open the door but was surprised and disappointed to find only one teenager, sitting quiet and composed—the very picture of innocence—and very much alone.

The staff at least had the good grace to look sheepish.

“Sorry, I thought you had a girl in there or something. Just don’t get too rowdy in there, okay?” He cautioned as he closed the door.

Ryuk chuckled as the teen turned a beet red. Okay, laughing at him at this juncture probably wasn’t the best idea but it was an ingrained response of the Shinigami’s to laugh at human misfortune—even if it was a human he liked. Ryuk knew he knew he had screwed up again as soon as he saw the ugly look the teen was giving him. The Shinigami rumbled apologetically, nuzzling against Light’s shoulder as he tried to come up with something to help preserve his boyfriend’s fragile masculinity.

“You know it was quite macho how you tried to jump over that drawbridge to catch up to me… even if you went splat against the skyscraper. I mean, it was a very impressive explosion...”


“I bet he wouldn’t have said that if he knew he was talking to Kira…”

“Really Ryuk…”

“Those weren’t even close to girl shrieking noises! Those were obviously boy shrieking noises!”

“Just stop…”

“…Guy’s an idiot.” Ryuk strongly asserted as he leaned against his human’s smaller body.

“…I guess we can agree on that count,” Light muttered, blushing again, this time at the feeling of his Shinigami cuddling against him. That just felt so… nice. The teen relaxed, leaning back against Ryuk’s strong chest before he caught himself at which point Light quickly exited the cabin before he was really tempted to really become “too rowdy.” He almost instantly regretted it because outside the faux racing car he was once again greeted with the sight of the rest of the arcade and all of its excess stimuli—the riotous clamour of the games, an eclectic mix of chimes, sirens, blaring music, and machine gun fire, in the darkened room and the darkness seemed to make all that gleaming neon, flashing strobe lights, and blaringly bright screens shine all the brighter (Light imagined it was an epileptic’s worst nightmare.) And it was hot and sweaty and getting hotter by the minute as the many mostly male bodies fumbled with joysticks and firmly gripped their flimsy plastic weapons. But one good thing Light could say about the ambiance of the arcade was that it certainly made it easy to get lost in there and to escape unnoticed… as became necessary when Light spotted Yamamoto and Taro who were, luckily, completely engrossed in shooting up zombies a couple of aisles over. He wasn’t afraid of Yamamoto of course; he just would prefer not to spoil their date with the unpleasantness of yet another confrontation.

They quickly exited the arcade and the brightness of the day assaulted their vision. Though he adjusted to the change more quickly than his human companion Ryuk hovered there for a moment just taking in all the sights and sounds. It never ceased to amaze Ryuk—the human world was so much brighter than the Shinigami world.

Beside him Light cleared his throat. “You know, I’m feeling kind of thirsty.”

The Shinigami snickered.

“Not like that, you perv!”

“Like what?” Ryuk quirked his head, noting with amusement that the teen was blushing again.

“Do you want a drink or not?!”

“What sort of drink?” The Shinigami asked, bobbing along behind his human as he walked towards their new destination which was soon revealed when he stopped outside another building,, several blocks away from the arcade.

“A coffee shop?!”

The teen nodded slightly as he pushed the door open.

“But I thought you you’d sworn off coffee.”

“You’re right, I have Ryuk, but it’s still a nice place to hang out… and they serve something else you might find interesting,” the teen spoke softly, trying to avoid getting caught “talking to himself” in the surprisingly crowded coffee shop. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea to take him here for a date if he couldn’t even talk to him here… Inspiration struck while Light was waiting in line and he saw some asshole rudely shouting into his cell phone. Whenever he spoke to Ryuk he would pretend to be talking (quietly) on his cell phone.

Ryuk watched, fascinated, as Light strolled up to the counter and ordered an extra-large cup of iced apple cider and thoughtfully picking up two straws so he could share it with his invisible companion. Ryuk couldn’t help but find the human’s confidence to be extremely sexy. Light might not be interested in ruling that way but the teen certainly had the commanding presence fit for a king.

“They must have had extra coupons leftover from Thanksgiving,” Light muttered into his cell phone as he caught Ryuk’s eye. Because he had ordered a fall seasonal drink it came with a coupon for a free meal at KFC. Light folded up the coupon the cashier had given him and shoved it in his pants pocket.


“An American holiday that involves eating a lot,” Light explained. “They traditionally serve turkey, a native bird. I hear is kind of like chicken but more expensive, especially to export to Japan. But eating at KFC is quite popular for Thanksgiving.”

“Oh. And I guess we already missed it this year?”

Light worked the numbers backwards in his head.

“It was… the day before I picked up the notebook.”

Light chuckled to himself at the odd coincidence. He remembered when they spoke about Thanksgiving in his English class about how he was thankful for his family, and his father who he was proud of, but wishing he could make a real difference in the world. And look, his wish had been granted! It must have been his fate, no, his destiny. “Destiny” had a better ring to it.

“Hey Ryuk, remind me next year to see about getting a real turkey. I want to see if it really does taste any different.”

He was sure he knew what he would be thankful for next year.

Light lead them to a booth towards the back of the shop and Ryuk was surprised at how generous the seating was seeing as the booths were meant for humans, not seven foot tall Shinigami, but he somehow actually managed to squeeze into the seat across from Light without having to phase out or anything. Ryuk supposed it helped that even as large as he was he was also lanky. They just sat there and talked for a while or mostly Light talked and Ryuk listened and shared his drink—which turned out to be pure liquid apple bliss. Whatever Light had to tell him Ryuk never found it to be boring and while sometimes the Shinigami would ask for clarification about concepts he didn’t understand his human was always more than willing to demonstrate his knowledge on the subject. It always astounded Ryuk just how much he had in common with this human boy despite all appearances at having such opposite “life” experiences. Light told him inconsequential things like how this coffee shop was a popular teen hangout and how he had discovered this seat toward the back behind the planters was an ideal place for quietly studying without being bothered. And it was also an excellent vantage point for eavesdropping on his classmates should he ever need blackmail material. Ryuk in turn told Light about his rock back at the Shinigami realm. It was an excellent perching place for overhearing the conversations of the other. Usually it was boring and inane but every few decades someone would have a juicy bit of gossip about some idiot stealing from the King’s Orchard or of something new found in the human world, or of another Shinigami turning to dust.

After they had been sitting there for some time, they were both taken by surprise and their impassioned discussion on the inherent nature of others (and how much they suck) was interrupted when a strange man sat himself down at their table. Light observed for the first time since they sat down just how crowded the café had become—every other seat was taken.

Still it wouldn’t have killed him to ask first!

The man looked like he hadn’t slept or showered in weeks and upon hopping up onto the “empty” seat he removed his shoes (revealing no socks beneath) and wriggled his bare toes upon the bench, no doubt getting his germs and toe smell all over the seat. Light figured the only way he could possibly be any more boorish would be if he were to kick his feet up onto the table (thank any hypothetical higher powers that he held the favor of for small mercies.) Light did not give voice to this thought of course—the last thing he wanted was to give this offensive weirdo any ideas.

Light felt an ugly feeling twisting around in his gut when the stranger unknowingly sat in Ryuk’s lap.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” Light hissed.

The strange man lifted his head to regard the booth’s other occupant, black matted, mane falling in his wide, frog-like eyes. He appeared surprised to see the innocent-looking teenager shaking with rage.

“You think you can just sit down wherever you please…”

“Yes,” the stranger said blandly as he stole the slice of apple pie that Light had ordered for Ryuk the moment the waitress placed it on the table.

The teen shot up, ready to punch the bastard right in his ugly, smugly smirking face when he again felt Ryuk’s arms wrapping all around him, physically restraining him and thus stopping Kira from killing the other man with his bare hands.

“Light, it’s not worth it. Isn’t this one of those things you could get in trouble about? Didn’t you say you wanted to keep a low profile?”

Light immediately relaxed at the feeling of the Shinigami’s long arms all around him again. That’s right Ryuk wanted him, not this stranger….

Light’s brain froze at the strange turn of his thoughts.

Was this really…? Am I…. jealous?!

“Woah! This dude looks like he could really use some coffee! Is that what happens if you humans don’t sleep and shower on a regular basis? Damn, I wouldn’t want your withdrawal symptoms.”

Ryuk declared a mental victory when he actually made Light snort in amusement. At least until the Shinigami twisted around to see the stranger’s face and thus read the name floating above his head. Ryuk froze when he read that this rascal’s name was L Lawliet.

Was it that L? The guy who had sworn to see Kira executed? Maybe this was why Light had such a paltry lifespan. The Shinigami let slip a growl of frustration. He couldn’t warn him even if he wanted to.

Light seemed to catch Ryuk’s change in mood. That was all the incentive he needed to leave. Honestly the guy gave him the creeps. Light knew he must be bad he gave Ryuk the creeps too and so they left the café, stopping only to buy another apple pie to replace the one the crazy bum had stolen.

Back at the table the great detective L chewed on his lip thoughtfully as he watched, amused, as the younger man leave in a huff—he tended to get that reaction from people whenever he went out so that wasn’t at all unusual. Yet L couldn’t help shake the feeling that there was something definitely odd about that boy—like how he sat all alone yet his drink had two straws in it or how he seemed to hold heated, animated debates with a cell phone that wasn’t even on.

What a weirdo, thought L as he returned to his conquered pie.


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Thanks L...what a way to ruin a date. *sighs*

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