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To Feel Alive Ch 6 Watching Over Him
Ryuk Light flirty
A/N: This is a Death Note Ryuk/Light fanfic. I don't own Death Note.


“Er… Ryuk? Not in public, remember?” Light chided in a hushed tone as he felt the heat rising in his cheeks. While he could admit it (at least in the secret corners of his own mind) that even though it was annoying, embarrassing, and slightly concerning that the Shinigami would do this in public, Light wasn’t completely averse to the feeling of the strong arms all around him—but he really did need to get to school sometime today. Ryuk, however, didn’t seem too inclined to let him go.

Light didn’t know that Ryuk could see his lifespan and even if it occurred to him later that just wasn’t exactly the sort of thing he would want to ask about. Though just how much time the human had left hardly mattered now—the boy had quickly becoming like a favored pet to the Shinigami and whether he died within a few days or a hundred years it would still be too short in Ryuk’s opinion. Ryuk had never anticipated that he would become this attached to this human… child when he had chosen him.

Contrary to what the Shinigami had told Light he had indeed chosen him—just not in the way that the arrogant boy had presumed. He had indeed chosen carefully, scouting the human world ahead of time in order to find a human of certain very specific traits in order to ensure that his stay in the human world would be as entertaining as possible. First and foremost he had been looking for a human with a short lifespan because Ryuk well-knew he had a short attention span and wasn’t planning on getting tied down to a human for decades. That’s how he first zeroed in Light Yagami as a viable match—for the paltry numbers above his head. Another major factor in his decision was that out of all the humans who fit this criterion, Light Yagami was very pleasing to look at. He was just the right age too—not too young, not too old but in that narrow age window where humans were most likely to get interested in something like the Death Note and to get passionate about. After stalking the boy for a few days he quickly discovered that Light Yagami was regarded as freakishly intelligent which made him all the more appealing to the Shinigami—Ryuk had hoped that might mean he would apply that intelligence to using the Death Note and the Shinigami wasn’t disappointed. Light was perfect. Ryuk couldn’t have picked a better human to give his Death Note to.

Perhaps he was too perfect.

Never in a million years would Ryuk have imagined that he would actually grow attached. He just wasn’t that sort of guy to care about anything except for apples—or so he’d thought until now.

Dammit! He didn’t want to turn into one of those whiny, sentimental losers like Gelus or Rem that sat by the viewing pools all day, watching the human world and writing bad poetry about the beauty of death. He could still do it. He could kill him when the time came. He wasn’t about to die for Light Yagami.

Ryuk glared above that oh-so-soft head of auburn-brown hair to where even now his human’s numbers were bleeding away in their mortal, incessant way. To the Shinigami they were far-too-rapidly approaching zero.


The Shinigami unconsciously tightened his grip on the surprised teenager.

But maybe there’s another way? That’s it! Rem. She mentioned that one ancient rule. What was it? It was during some long-winded debate she and those failure types were having on human’s and the nature of love. (I wasn’t really paying attention, of course. It’s just they got so loud about it I couldn’t help but overhear.) But there was that thing about the Bond that a Shinigami shares with the first human to pick up their notebook and ancient human customs and... That rule—it’s no longer on the Books because the ritual fell out of disuse but it’s still in effect…

Yes… YES! That would work!

I’m not on Kira’s side or anything. It’s just it would kind of suck if he died so young… er, if it ended so quickly, that’s all! I mean that kid’s got some big plans and he’s definitely going places—probably not the places he’s planned to go but places in any case and I’m sure it’s gonna be interesting! So I’ll help him, just this once, if he lets me.
Of course I can’t help him at all unless he lets me... It’s all up to him.


Just then Ryuk noticed how the boy shivered ever so slightly as Ryuk held him tighter and abruptly remembered that he wasn’t trying to break his human.

“Er… Right… sorry,” the Shinigami said as he abruptly released the teen even though he wasn’t sorry—not in the least. Light shot him an irritated look but otherwise seemed to dismiss the whole incident. He merely brushed off imaginary dirt on his immaculate school uniform and resumed his journey to school and Ryuk fell in, floating along just one step behind him.

…And he’s annoyed with me right now. Dammit.

The Shinigami watched helplessly as more numbers fell away, ticking down to the teen’s impending doom.

I can’t help him unless he agrees!

Ryuk realized that because he’d been so pushy with Light earlier the teen was probably even less inclined to accept his help now. Dammit, he didn’t want to annoy him! He just really liked him! How did humans even express that? He’d thought he was on the right track from watching humans and watching TV but he was obviously missing something. At this rate Light would probably be long dead by the time he figured it out!

I just can’t do anything right! The Shinigami thought miserably and nearly snarled at the sight of a happy couple walking by while Light entered the gates of his high school.


Light heaved a barely held in sigh of irritation as he watched how several of his classmates weren’t even pretending to pay attention to the teacher’s lecture in favor of playing cards and video games in the back of the classroom. This review lecture was no doubt meant for them too—apparently they weren’t listening the first time either. Not for the first time Light wondered why he had to suffer on account of theses idiots—just where was the justice in that?

Ryuk drifted listlessly through the air as the teacher droned on and on, noticing that Light looked just as bored as he currently felt.

“Do we have to do this, Light? I mean this is practically the same shit as yesterday!” grumbled the Shinigami.

“Welcome to my life,” the teen grumbled in turn before he caught himself. “I told you…”

“Right, don’t talk to you during class. Got it!” The Shinigami declared cheerfully while giving the boy a hard, friendly thump on the back.

“Are you alright there, Yagami?” the teacher asked with concern as his top student was beset with a sudden coughing fit.

“I’m fine. Sorry, sir. It’s just a bit of a scratch.”

“Just the same, you’d better go to the nurse’s office. We don’t want our star pupil coming down with something.”

“Yes, sir,” the teen said, the very picture of obsequeence towards his professor, while inwardly he was seething. While he could admit he had been bored out of his fucking mind and he was relieved to have this reprieve from their constant stupidity he really shouldn’t be cutting classes...

“Woah, awesome!” Ryuk declared as Light unobtrusively shouldered his book bag and slunk out of the classroom.

“Yeah, great. Don’t do it again,” Light muttered under his breath once they were out of hearing range of the brainless cretins.

“Why not? It worked, didn’t it?” 

Light sighed. “I can’t get behind in my school work.”

“But… isn’t it kind of pointless? I mean, you know this stuff already, right?”

“Yes and yes. But I still have to do it.”


Light sighed again and met his Shinigami’s innocent questioning look with his own jaded one: “Because people will get upset if I don’t and we definitely don’t want that sort of attention right now.”

“But… it worked though! And what if there’s an emergency or something?”

The teen sighed again.  “Fine, don’t do it again unless there’s an emergency. If you do it too many times people will catch on and it will stop working. In fact doing it once might have already been one time too many. They will no doubt be suspicious if you try it again.”

“Oh. So… don’t do it again?”

“Only if there’s an emergency. And I mean a real emergency. Not just if you get hungry for apples.”

“Hey, that is a real emergency!” 

“And could you not do it so… hard next time? It’s… uncomfortable.” Light muttered as he entered the nurse’s office.

“Huh? I… hurt you?”

 “…a bit.” Light admitted failing to conceal a wince when Ryuk’s talons fell on his shoulder again.

“Oh. Er… Sorry.

“Don’t worry about it,” the teen said, while raising a hand to swat the Shinigami’s hand away but paused half-way through, disguising the motion as pretending to scratch the back of his neck when the nurse came back from her break. Ryuk snickered at the look of annoyance that flashed across Light’s face but obligingly exiled himself to the back of the nurse’s office.

As expected the school nurse found nothing wrong with him but gave him a cough drop and instructions to drink plenty of fluids and sent him on his way. Light blinked in confusion as he emerged from the nurse’s office. It was almost time for lunch. It was as if he’d fallen into some temporal black hole. This might have been in part due to the length of time it took for the nurse to examine him while chatting him up and flirting with him and touching him more than was strictly necessary....


That’s right.

The teen steadied himself against the wall, suddenly feeling a bit faint.

She was like twice his age twice his age and so not his type it was not even funny. He would’ve been sick… but then getting sick in the nurses office would no doubt mean he’d be confined to her presence. The nurse seemed to be under the mistaken notion that he liked her making him feel uncomfortable and shoving her breasts in his face. Dammit, even Ryuk understood the word “no” better than she did! Light wasn’t sure how far she would’ve gone had his Shinigami not interfered—a flap of Ryuk’s wings caused a sudden and mysterious gust of wind to knock all her papers off her desk providing the distraction that allowed him to extricate himself from the creepy women’s red-painted talons. Light had never so grateful to his Shinigami for being a nuisance. How could someone like that work with students? Kira frowned to himself. He’d already decided he’d try to avoid killing anyone he personally knew but if there was a predator in his own school… yes. He’d make her die in an accident.

“Er, Ryuk… you know that thing we discussed earlier let’s not do that again, okay?”

“Agreed,” came the Shinigami’s jealous growl behind him and for some reason Light caught himself smiling.

The smile abruptly fell again and he dashed (with dignity, of course) around a corner to avoid being seen by Sudou’s gang, obviously cutting class. They hadn’t targeted him ever since that incident in middle school when the Chief of Police abruptly showed up at Sudou’s house and gave him a stern talking to in front of his parents but still they were just too stupid to remember threats of expulsion and prison for long and right now they were like a pack of wolves on the prowl—they might strike if they thought him sick and weak and it wouldn’t be very smart to stick around and present them an easy target. Light soon had to find another hallway to duck into to avoid another confrontation with Yamamoto who was apparently looking for him.

“Dammit, why do I always attract the stalkers?!” Light muttered to himself once he was safely in a vacant hallway. The teen idly adjusted the strap of his book bag as he made his way down the hall.

“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?” Ryuk suggested helpfully and the teen shot the monster a glare. “Hey, just sayin’. I mean, look at you. You’re highly attractive,” his Shinigami insisted earnestly and Light felt that odd heat rising in his face once again as Ryuk continued to shower him with compliments. “You look nice, you smell nice, you’re bright, charming, and highly intelligent—frankly I’m surprised you don’t have more stalkers.”

“Well, I suppose it depends on your definition of ‘stalkers,’” Light murmured as he found another corner to slink behind to avoid getting caught by the gang of giggling girls that had spotted him.  “I’m cursed.”

“Well, I could’ve told you that.”


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Ryuk whatever it is you're going to do, do it soon I want Light to live for a VERY long forever!

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